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Website updated on 5/16/2024


Community Pottery

Glaze Recipe Service
We offer a glaze recipe weigh and mix service for those recipes you just gotta have or try! Email for details.
See samples of OUR glazes.
We stock and use various cone 6 clay bodies manufactured by Highwater Clay and Standard Ceramics.


Firing Services
Firing Services in our electric kilns are available for people who are not otherwise studio clients. Firing Services are available through the purchase of a pre-paid firing card as outlined in the Firing Fee Schedule.
Download Firing Fee Schedule PDF.

Firing with Rosewood Pottery Studio is primarily measured by weight.
However, we reserve the right to apply the following surcharges if applicable:
1. Minimum firing weight/charge is .25lb.
2. Flat Fee - large flat and/or multiple flat pieces.
3. Cubic foot surcharge re: very large or unusually shaped pieces.

Most firing is completed within one to two weeks with the exception of very large pieces which may take longer. We will let you know beforehand if we are unable to fire a large piece within a two-week time period.

Periodically firing fees are adjusted, please be sure to obtain a printout of the current fee schedule when you visit the studio.

Clay Dates

Clay dates are small intimate groups that want to experience pottery but not take a class. Bring your friends and family, your spouse, or your significant other, schedule a clay date, and spend 2 hrs. with our pottery instructor.

Rate: $85/person. The pottery instructor will demonstrate each step of the process and offer one-on-one instruction. Each participant will receive the finished piece they've created. And the group receives the demo piece as a gift.

Available times: Sunday a.m.
Other times may be available upon request.

Contact info@rosewoodpottery.com for more information.

Rosewood Pottery Studio

Pottery Services

2217 W. Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia • 804-915-9640 • info@rosewoodpottery.com