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To register for classes, please email us at info@rosewoodpottery.com.
All classes require a $100 non-refundable deposit at registration. The balance of the class fee is due on the first day of class.  Payment may be made via cash, check, or credit/debit card. 

Class Fee: $345; 8-week cycle.
Classes are limited to 8 participants 
so that one-on-one attention can be provided for every student.
The class fee includes a 3-hour class each week, 25 lbs. of clay, a tool kit, use of our glazes, a $20 credit for firing services and weekly open studio time for practice. Returning students receive a 3-hour class each week, 25 lbs. of clay, use of our glazes, a $30 credit for firing services and weekly open studio time for practice.

See the Hours & Class Schedules page for class dates and times.


We accept payment via

Cash, Check or Major Credit Cards

Online payments coming soon.


Exploring Surface Decoration 
We'll explore surface decoration techniques thinking...mishima, encrusting, slip trailing, resists sgraffito, glaze incising, layering slip, combing ...the possibilities are endless!! Class will use primarily handbuilt ware and some wheel thrown ware. Maximum seats: 6

Wheel Throwing I Class
This course emphasizes the fundamentals of wheel thrown pottery. Designed for individuals who want to experience clay, this class is perfect for those who have never thrown before or anyone who has been away from the wheel for a while. The class includes an introduction to the potter’s wheel, and focuses on the basics; centering, pulling, shaping, trimming and simple glazing techniques. 
Participants will learn fundamental skills and the execution of basic shapes. Demonstrations and projects will be provided. Typically, students take this class more than once before they move on to more advanced classes. No prior experience is required. Maximum seats: 6

Wheel Throwing II / III Classes
This course is open to students who are proficient in basic wheel throwing skills such as wedging, centering, pulling and trimming. 

Students at wheel II skill level will through projects focus on mastery of the basics, alternate methods for throwing and development of new skills. The use of ribs and other techniques to further enhance and refine forms will be introduced. Glazing, glaze combinations and other decorative techniques will be further explored. Students will be encouraged to present ideas for projects they would like to complete in this class.

Students at wheel III skill level are expected to have consistent throwing skills with the desire to refine their skills. Wheel III participants will be challenged to push current comfort levels and learn new techniques. Emphasis is placed on the design and execution of more complicated clay objects and the development of a personal style. Maximum Seats: 6

Intermediate/Advanced Wheel Throwing:
This class is co-taught by local studio potters Nga Weaver & Carren MacAdoo of Woodland Heights Studio. Projects and techniques for demonstration throughout the course will be identified with class participants during the first class night. 
Maximum seats: 8 

Tuesday or Friday Morning Wheel
Have you taken throwing classes before but ....
1) it's been a while? or
2) you missed a few classes and feel like something is missing from your skill set? or 
3) ya just need to see it all again?

Then this just might be the wheel class for you.
Come join us for a full review of the basics & then some! 
Maximum seats: 6 

Handbuilding for Fun
This class will focus on the basic skills necessary to build clay objects using slabs, coils, pinching and molds. Surface design options will be discussed such as underglaze, relief application & carving. This class is open to everyone, no previous experience required. Maximum seats: 6 

Individual Instruction
We provide individual instruction in all areas of ceramics and for all levels of proficiency.  We will tailor sessions to meet your needs. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn in a private environment or you wish to hone your pottery skills and learn new techniques, we will structure your sessions to meet your requirements. Sessions are one hour long and can be scheduled at your convenience. The fee is $60 per hour plus clay plus firing. Please email us to talk about your private sessions.

Suggested areas for individual instruction include 
...wheel throwing
...hand building
...slip casting
...glaze application
We are open to discussing just about any topic in clay!

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