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We offer a glaze recipe weigh and mix service for those recipes you just gotta have or try!
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Glaze Names (as seen to the left):

Antique Bronze
Early Midnight
Golden Yellow
Lake Michigan Blue
Ocean Blue
Pomace Olive
Satin White

Gloss White

Satin Black

New Rosewood Glazes
Translucent Brights - Cone 6

Dusty Rose
Pacific Breeze


Glaze Info

Rosewood Pottery Studio

​Rosewood Pottery Studio Glazes

Our Store is changing and we are streamlining what we stock. 

Look to us for some... 
Unique pottery tools and locally made cone 6 slips and cone 6 glazes!!! Please see sample photos & prices on the Our Glazes Page. 

We also sell Dirty Girls Tools, Highwater Clays, Speedball Art Products ~ including their Glazes, Underglazes, Pottery Wheels & Accessories.

Raw Materials?? 
Oh Yes! We've Got 'em ...Lots of 'em ;)

We stock and sell a variety of raw materials for glaze & clay making. 
Please email us so we have some lead time to prepare your order. 

Additionally, we offer a glaze recipe weigh and mix service for those recipes you just gotta have or try!

2217 W. Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia • 804-915-9640 •

Our glazes are available for purchase in wet and dry form and various quantities. For more information, please email us at

About our glazes:
Kathleen is the co-owner of Rosewood Pottery Studio and our resident glaze chemist. She has specially formulated all of the Rosewood Pottery Studio glazes. They have all been formulated to cooperate with each other and provide our students and you with over 144 glaze combinations.

We currently have 12 - cone 6 Rosewood Pottery Studio Glazes available in these forms - Brushable: 8oz., 16oz. & 32oz.; Wet: 1gal., 2gal. & 5gal.; Dry: 5lbs. & 20lbs.

All of the samples you see below are over Highwater's Little Loafers clay body.

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