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About Rosewood Pottery

Website updated on 5/16/2024

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Rosewood Pottery Studio

Rosewood Pottery Studio is Richmond's only full-service community pottery studio. Our 2012 relocation now has us in the heart of the Fan District!

What makes us Different
We are passionate about ... Clay!
This sets us apart because it is our ONLY focus.

We are uniquely structured to provide
exceptional benefits to our clients, including:

  • Small classes for quality one on one learning.
  • One on One Focus sessions available with the Instructor
    at no additional cost.
  • Weekly open studio with an instructor; 35-40 hrs/wk
    included in the class fee.
  • 3 full hrs wheel instruction each week for 8 wks.
  • 2 full hrs hand building instruction each week for 8 wks.
  • 25 lbs of clay is included in the class fee.
  • For beginning wheel throwers, a basic tool kit & $20.00
    firing card included in the class fee.
  • For those who have their own tools, a $30.00 firing card
    included in the class fee.
  • All Class Clients receive the benefit of our lowest per
    pound firing rates.

We maintain firing cards for each student/client ...
By tracking firing per client, we ensure that you only pay for what you make and fire.

We offer an Independent Study option that is both flexible and supportive you don't have to "go it alone" even if you do not want a class at the moment ;)
We are a Community of Clay Artists!!

Janet Lopatofsky
Janet has been throwing pottery for over 15 years. She was 20 years into an office career when she found pottery; primarily learning the craft from a master potter, Dom Moska, in Evanston, IL.  She prefers to throw functional art as she loves knowing that her pottery is being used and enjoyed on a day-to-day basis. Janet teaches most of our throwing classes. She is technically proficient, but more importantly, she is able to explain and demonstrate the technical aspects of throwing in a way that suits her students' individual needs. Janet is also the studio's glaze application expert.

Kathleen Lipinski
Kathleen has been handbuilding for over 15 years. Her work is mainly decorative and focuses on forms with simple lines and graceful shapes. She has taught handbuilding as well as tile making and paper clay classes. Kathleen is the studio's resident glaze chemist and has formulated our cone 6 glazes.

Petey - Studio Cat
Petey is our studio cat. She is an orange tabby with a fabulous personality.  

She's sweet and cuddly and loves to be petted. She enjoys the window sit just as

much as she likes to sit on a stool or wheel and watch our students throw. If she wants

to get a closer look, she'll jump up on the potter's bench and say hello.