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Rosewood Pottery Studio is bringing Bill van Gilder to the Richmond area for a weekend workshop, June 7-9, 2019. During this information-loaded presentation, numerous techniques will be demonstrated that participants will want to use in their own work. Bill will share shortcuts, tips and tool-use at the wheel through demo after demo. Hand-building functional forms will be the focus during part of the demonstrations, defining projects and techniques for hand-builders as well.

Email info@rosewoodpottery.com for registration information. Don’t delay! Seating is limited!

We are Richmond's only full service community pottery studio located in the heart of the Fan District on Cary Street.
What makes us Different?
We are passionate about...Clay!
This sets us apart because it is our ONLY focus.
Benefits: Small Class Sizes, One on One Instruction, Open Studio Time
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​​​​​​​Between The Sessions

Saturday, May 18              Noon to 6 pm
Sunday, May 19                Noon to 6 pm
Monday, May 20                6 - 9 pm
Tuesday, May 21               1 - 9 pm
Wednesday, May 22          1 - 9 pm
Thursday, May 23              6 - 9 pm
Friday, May 24                   1 - 6 pm
Saturday, May 25               Closed - Memorial Day Weekend
Sunday, May 26                 Closed
Monday, May 27                 Closed
Tuesday, May 28                1 - 9 pm
Wednesday, May 29           1 - 9 pm
Thursday, May 30               Closed
Friday, May 31                    Closed
Saturday, June 1                 RVAClay 10 am-5 pm - No open studio hours
Sunday, June 2                   RVAClay Noon-5 pm - No open studio hours     
Monday, June 3                  Closed
Tuesday, June 4                 Closed
Wednesday, June 5            1 - 9 pm
Thursday, June 6                Closed
Friday, June 7                    BvGilder Workshop - No open studio hours
Saturday, June 8                 BvGilder Workshop - No open studio hours
Sunday, June 9                   BvGilder Workshop - No open studio hours
Monday, June 10
through Sunday, June 16   Closed
Sunday, June 16                 Summer Class Session begins at 6 pm
Monday, June 17                Regular Open Studio Hours resume* - see website under the Hours & Schedules tab, scroll down to Open Studio Hours
*We ask that you not attend open studio when it overlaps with class time during the first
week of classes. Thank you!

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