Rosewood Pottery Studio is Richmond's only full-service ceramics studio. We offer a full range of services including studio space, an open studio option and firing services.  We are also available for private parties, including kid's birthday parties.

Shared Studio Space
Be a Resident Artist at Rosewood Pottery Studio!

Our unique concept allows you to rent space in one of our studios with one or two other artists (space is limited). Resident Artists receive a key to the premises allowing 24/7 access.  Firing services are available in our electric kilns at current shared studio client firing rates. Firing is primarily charged by the pound post firing. However, unusually shaped and/or large pieces may be subject to an additional fee for cubic feet. Use of our cone 6 studio dipping glazes is included with the cone 6 glaze firing fee.  A one-month security deposit and a shared studio agreement are required.

Handbuilding Studio: $180 per month
Throwing Studio: $195 per month, if you have your own wheel, $185/mo.  
Stop by to see our space during Pottery Supply Hours or text us at 804-915-9640 for more information.

Independent Study
Our Independent Study option allows the use of our instructional studios for throwing or handbuilding. Independent Study clients can keep their tools at the studio and store their work on shelves in the instructional area. Because you are working out of Rosewood Pottery Studio, you receive a discount on firing services. Please see Firing Services below for comparison and additional information.

Firing rates for Independent Study Clients:
Bisque/lb. - $1.15
Glaze/lb - Cone 6 - $1.30*
Glaze/lb - Cone 10 - $1.45
*The use of our cone 6 dipping glazes is included with this option.
Independent Study clients are expected to have a clay knowledge base that allows them to work primarily on their own. The Independent Study option is not suitable for production potters or those who are producing a large body of work (see Shared Studio Space option).

Independent Study Fee: $245 for an eight week cycle beginning on Sunday.

Independent Study clients call to pay or visit us during supply store hours or by appt.

Firing Services
Firing Services in our electric kilns are available for people who are not otherwise studio clients. Firing Services are available through the purchase of a pre-paid firing card as outlined in the Firing Fee Schedule.
Download Firing Fee Schedule PDF.

Firing with Rosewood Pottery Studio is primarily measured by weight.
However, we reserve the right to apply the following surcharges if applicable:
1. Minimum firing weight/charge is .25lb.
2. Flat Fee - large flat and/or multiple flat pieces.
3. Cubic foot surcharge re: very large or unusually shaped pieces.

Most firing is completed within one to two weeks with the exception of very large pieces which may take longer. We will let you know beforehand if we are unable to fire a large piece within a two week time period.

Periodically firing fees are adjusted, please be sure to obtain a printout of the current fee schedule when you visit the studio.

Birthday Parties
Our pottery parties are fun and educational. Our parties are individually designed with a wide range of activities including work on the pottery wheel (age 12 and older) and hand building projects.
A typical party is one, two or three hour session where the participants build and decorate their own clay project. Studio staff will fire the pieces to bisque and then clear glaze and re-fire the projects. Projects are generally ready within two weeks. A wheel throwing demonstration is also provided and the thrown piece will be glazed and given to the birthday girl or boy. We can also provide a space to enjoy cake or refreshments that you provide.

A maximum of eight guests can be accommodated. Participants must be at least 6 years old.

Prices start at $20.00 per guest with a minimum charge of $90.00. Please call for more information and to schedule your party.

Clay Dates

Clay dates are small intimate groups that want to experience pottery but not take a class. Bring your friends and family, your spouse or your significant other, schedule a clay date and spend 2-1/2 hrs. with our pottery instructor.

Rate: $45/person and $15 for Handling and Firing. The pottery instructor will demonstrate each step of the process and offer one on one instruction. Each participant will receive the finished piece they've created. And the group receives the demo piece as a gift.

Available times: Saturdays or Sundays AM & PM.
Other times may be available upon request.

Contact Rosewood Pottery for more information.

Pottery Services

We are distributors for
Dirty Girls Tools
Highwater Clays
Speedball Art Products including Glazes,  
Underglazes, Pottery Wheels & Access.
We make our OWN Cone 6 Studio Glazes.
Raw Materials
We stock and sell a variety of raw materials for glaze & clay making.
Please call ahead so we have some

lead time to prepare your order.
Glaze Recipe Service
We offer a glaze recipe weigh and mix service for those recipes you just gotta have or try! Call for details.
See samples of OUR glazes.
Clay Deliveries in the City of Richmond are
FREE (up to 999 lbs).
Clays to Order:
Highwater Clays (25-500lbs.)
Bella's Blend    ∆04-6
Earthen Red    ∆06-5
Lyman Red    ∆06-02
Raku    ∆06-6
Stan's Red    ∆06-02
White Earthenware     ∆06-02
Brownstone     ∆4-6
Buncombe White     ∆3-6
Desert buff     ∆4-6
Ellen Buff     ∆4-8
Little Loafers     ∆5-6
Red Rock     ∆3-6
Red Stone     ∆3-6
Riverside Grit     ∆3-6
Speckled Brownstone     ∆4-6
Aurora     ∆6-10
Craggy Crunch     ∆7-10
Half & Half     ∆6-10
Hestia Stoneware     ∆6-10
Loafer's Glory     ∆6-10
Moon White     ∆7-10
Orangestone     ∆6-10
Phoenix Stoneware     ∆6-10
Trina Buff     ∆8-10
Wonder White     ∆6-10
Zelia Stone     ∆7-10
Helios Porcelain     ∆7-11
P5 Porcelain     ∆5-6
P10 Porcelain     ∆10

Clay Orders Larger than 500 lbs...
Please call or email the Studio for a Quote
Prices are subject to change without notice
Stock Clays
Highwater Clay:

Buncombe White
Desert Buff
Ellen Buff
Half & Half
Little Loafer's
Loafer's Glory - Sold Out
Raku ►06-6
Red Stone
Red Rock
Speckled Brownstone
Stan's Red
Trina Buff
White Earthenware
White Earthenware w/grog
Zelia Stone



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