Rosewood Pottery StudioA Community of Clay Artists
Highwater Clays
Our Glazes

We are distributors for 
Dirty Girls Tools,
Highwater Clays,
Speedball Art Products ~ including their Glazes,  
    Underglazes, Pottery Wheels & Accessories.
And....We make our OWN Cone 6 Studio Glazes
....Yep, we do sell them :) Please see the sample photos & prices on the Our Glazes Page


RAW Materials?? 
       Ohhhh YEA! We've Got 'em ...Lots of 'Em ;)

We stock and sell a variety of raw materials for glaze & clay making. 

Please call ahead so we have some lead time to prepare your order. 

Additionally, we offer a glaze recipe weigh and mix service for those recipes you just gotta have or try! 
Call or email for details.

We make our own Cone 6 Studio Glazes and yes..we do sell them :)

Clay Deliveries in the City of Richmond are
FREE (up to 999 lbs).


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