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Glaze Making Service:

Yep!! We do that :)
If you have a recipe you want to try but just haven't wanted to get into buying, calculating & weighing raw materials.
We can help.
Just bring us the recipe and our Glaze Tech. will complete the calculations for the amount of glaze you want, weigh the materials and tell you how much water to add when you sieve. If you do not want to sieve the glaze, we can do that for you as well.
The Cost? 
> the per lb cost of each raw material
> a $10.00 Glaze Making Fee
If you want us to sieve it there is an additional $10.00 Sieve fee
Pottery Supply Store Hours:

  • Thursdays                    2p - 5p
  • Fridays                         2p - 8p
  • Saturdays                     Noon - 6pm  
  • Sundays                       Noon - 6pm
  • Mondays                    ~ CLOSED ~
  • Tuesdays                   ~ CLOSED ~
  • Wednesdays               ~ CLOSED ~  
      OPEN STUDIO* Hours:
  • Mon, 6p-9p (Class)  
  •    Tue, 10a - 9:00p (pm Class) 
  • Wed,  9a - 6p (am Class)
  • Thursday,  2p - 9p (pm Class)
  •    Fri,   10a - 8p (am Class) 
  • Sat,  Noon - 6pm
  •   Sun,    Noon - 6pm  
* Open Studio is ONLY for Class Clients, Independent Study Clients and to Firing Clients that are dropping off and picking up of work.

* Retail customers will only be received during Pottery Supply Store Hours.


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